About Us

We are a team of professors with more than ten years of experience. We offer courses and exercises corrected in computer science in particular as well as for other disciplines
In our site we propose a list of the exercises corrected on the majority of programming languages ​​like the C language, the C # language, PHP for the creation of the web applications, the modeling language UML for the conception of the applications oriented object etc ..
We also offer some interesting courses to learn some programming languages ​​including C and Python.
Adding that all the exercises proposed and their solutions have been well tested on machine if it is practical work. So just understand the solution and use it quickly.
You can contact us in case you have any questions or comments about our website.
If you wish to contribute to enrich our site with quality exercises or by courses on computer disciplines, then you are welcome. You can contact us via this email info@exam-lib.com, your request will be processed in less than ten minutes.
Our goal is to give our readings quality content that helps students to improve their levels in all programming languages.